Un procedimiento para elaborar mapas de riesgos naturales aplicado a Honduras

  1. Ahamdanech Zarco, Ismael
  2. Alonso Rodríguez, Concepción
  3. Malpica Velasco, José Antonio
  4. Pérez Asensio, Esther
  5. Temiño Vela, Javier
  6. Bosque Sendra, Joaquín
  7. Miguel Martín-Loeches, Miguel
Anales de geografía de la Universidad Complutense

ISSN: 0211-9803

Year of publication: 2003

Issue: 23

Pages: 55-73

Type: Article

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A method based on the theory of Evidence of Dempster-Shafer to build risk maps is proposed. Procedures to create maps of flooding exposition and to measure territorial vulnerability are explained. The analysis are carried out using IDRISI software GIS and the area under study is Honduras.