Implementação de um modelo de avaliação e gestão de riscos no Arquivo Nacional Torre do Tombo-Portugalconservação e gestão de fundos documentais

  1. Raposo Pereira, Luis Filipe
Supervised by:
  1. Julio Cerdá Díaz Director
  2. João Coroado Co-director

Defence university: Universidad de Alcalá

Fecha de defensa: 17 March 2014

  1. Purificación Moscoso Castro Chair
  2. Ana Isabel Extremeño Placer Secretary
  3. Antonio Carpallo Bautista Committee member
  4. Giselia Martins Felicio Committee member
  5. Concepción Mendo Carmona Committee member

Type: Thesis


This thesis focuses on developing a management model in the area of conservation in Arquivo Nacional Torre do Tombo (ANTT). By promoting the convergence of a series of knowledge referentials, the thesis intercrosses concepts and methodologies of the areas of conservation-restoration, documental science and management. This project begins in 2006 and is developed in the period between 2006-2009 in ANTT. Out of the work of environmental monitoring and risk assessment related to biological deterioration, resulted the production of an internal working document, which allowed for: the systematization of information emerging out of the process; recording of the detected evolving pattern and formulation of intervention proposals with the goal of mitigating/solving the respective deterioration processes. The second phase of the project, corresponded to the recording on this thesis, of the evolution of the initial project, setting the goals in the extension of the analysis process to all risks involved in the deterioration of documentation, as well as their quantification and corresponding treatment strategies. Besides that, and also trying to come to terms with the absence of a strategic conservation framework in the institution, it proposes the definition of a management model within that scope, at the same time able to conjugate the functional nature of this area and the documental demands inherent to information processing and disclosure. The applied methodology followed the standards on evaluation and risk management, corresponding to 5 distinct steps: contextualization; risk identification; risk analysis; risk evaluation; risk handling. The systemic approach allowed the building of an integrated perspective of the major risks identified in the operative organism of the institution and its relations with the deterioration agents. Besides that, by producing an articulated process handling, the creation of an individually focused information system has been achieved, enabling the definition of a broad management model for the ANTT. Pioneering a new approach of evaluation and risk management for documental institutions – with the already mentioned scope – this thesis enables the definition of a model with a grasp on a new analysis method focused on integrated processes and decision levels, that although centered on the area of conservation, binds concepts for the area of Documental Science and Management. This translates into a functional optimization of the institutions, with gains in the access to documental contents, their preservation and the definition of resources and management procedures.