Situaciones de votación en contextos parlamentarios

  1. Cruz Vicente, Omar de la
Supervised by:
  1. Joaquín Pérez Navarro Director

Defence university: Universidad de Alcalá

Fecha de defensa: 24 July 2012

  1. José Luis García Lapresta Chair
  2. Ethel-Virginia Mokotoff Miguel Secretary
  3. Antonio Romero Medina Committee member
  4. José Luis Jimeno Pastor Committee member
  5. Juan Carlos García-Bermejo Ochoa Committee member

Type: Thesis


The main aim of this work is to study the parliamentary floor voting procedures. There are two kinds of decisions: the voting process to pass a bill and the formation of a committee. This general objective could be divided in four intermediate objectives: 1. To compare the voting procedures used to pass a bill in the parliaments of United States and Europe; also to study their theoretic properties. 2. To analyze the outcomes of the parliamentary procedures, depending on the behavior of the Legislators and to define a new way to choose better outcomes. 3. To study the voting process used in the low chamber of the Spanish Parliament to create a special committee call the “Table”, which has very important attributions. 4. To make an empiric analysis in the way of voting the “Table”