Contributo das revistas jurídicas para a comunicação e criação de conhecimentouma perspectiva bibliométrica

  1. Martinho, Ana María de Sa Osorio Figueiredo
Supervised by:
  1. María de los Ángeles Zulueta García Director
  2. Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa Co-director

Defence university: Universidad de Alcalá

Fecha de defensa: 08 March 2011

  1. Purificación Moscoso Castro Chair
  2. Ana Isabel Extremeño Placer Secretary
  3. Giselia Martins Felicio Committee member
  4. David Duarte Committee member
  5. Manuela Vázquez Valero Committee member
  1. Filología, Comunicación y Documentación

Type: Thesis


This research deals with the subject of law reviews. Throughout its development we tried to address several questions, where the most important concerns the title’s initial statement about the relevance of law reviews to the study and development of legal knowledge. Several aspects of legal periodism were studied, such as its relevance to the study of other sciences, its multidisciplinary characteristics, the origins of the movement and its future trends, according to the new digital environment. The study was developed based on a methodology of selection and evaluation of scientific reviews as well as on bibliometric analysis. First, we presented a case study on the evaluation of eight law reviews, following the evaluation criteria of Latindex regional information system. This was the chosen methodology since one thought this system and the evaluation criteria used are better adequate to the Portuguese editorial environment. Despite the scientific quality of the contents as well as the authors prestige, it was concluded that, the evaluated reviews have a lower level of editorial quality than those required to take part in international systems or data bases, such as Latindex. This low level of quality is due to the unfulfillment of international criteria, essential to scholarly communication and helps to explain the reason why these reviews are not internationally known. The bibliometric study of two Portuguese law reviews selected among the previous evaluated periodicals allowed us to draw relevant conclusions which we think should be extended to the national environment of legal research. Through this analysis we could confirm the existence of two legal research poles in Portugal – Lisboa and Coimbra. It focused on the productivity of the reviews and their authors, the main subjects of the articles, most used languages, institutions and countries of origin. The research findings are based on a proposal to improve legal scientific communication system, through the internationalization of the national editorial system; this may be accomplished if the criteria of editorial quality are fulfilled, mainly what we called the internationality criteria. Proposals for implementing peer review as a control method of the contents were also presented, as a way to ensure quality and allow the development of the law. Finally, considered unprecedented, especially by the application of bibliometrics to the law, this study pointed out certain lines of research considered necessary to take into account in the future.