Evolución de la arquitectura de los años 60-90 en estado de abandonorenacer a través del cambio de uso : la experiencia del Centro Nacional de Danza de París

  1. Magaz, Alfonso
Supervised by:
  1. Enrique Castaño Perea Director

Defence university: Universidad de Alcalá

Fecha de defensa: 05 November 2013

  1. Pilar Chías Navarro Chair
  2. Luis Ramón-Laca Menéndez de Luarca Secretary
  3. Antonio Bonet Correa Committee member
  4. Juan Carlos García-Perrote Escartín Committee member
  5. Jose Ramon Gamez Guardiola Committee member
  1. Arquitectura

Type: Thesis


The study of the causes which led to the abandonment of buildings built during the last generation, in the 1960´s -90´s, show the different irregularities in this architecture. Based on these irregularities one establishes different ways to help and organize the decision making process for the possible renovation and reuse of these buildings. The National Dance Center in Paris serves as an example in this restructuring process. One studies the reasons for this derelict from the original building in 1997, which was built in 1972, under The Brutalist Architectural Movement and the restoration process to convert it into the National Dance Center. From this standpoint and the use of other examples in Madrid, we will analyze the need and the restoration process that certain buildings undergo in order to be used for a different purpose. This process is efficient, profitable and preserves the unique features of the original building.