Del papel en blanco al blanco del papella toma de decisiones en la enseñanza del oficio de arquitecto

  1. Rodríguez de Torres, Raúl
Supervised by:
  1. Enrique Castaño Perea Director

Defence university: Universidad de Alcalá

Fecha de defensa: 28 October 2013

  1. Pilar Chías Navarro Chair
  2. Luis Ramón-Laca Menéndez de Luarca Secretary
  3. Andrés Arriaga Arrizabalaga Committee member
  4. Juan Carlos García-Perrote Escartín Committee member
  5. José Antonio Ramos Abengózar Committee member
  1. Arquitectura

Type: Thesis


The architect in the performance of his role has to take many decisions. The Project, key tool of his work, is becoming perfect by choosing different options of focus, creative proposals and analytical ways of each process. Usually, the architectural project pedagogy is based on focus, creativity techniques and architectural criticism, but a gap appears between teaching and learning in the way the architectural decision making process. Perhaps, the need of this decisions forces their appearance in intangible and unclear terms. Thanks to the great contributions of the recent years, in the field of cognitive neurobiology, the Nature of the decisions and it´s learning can be unraveled, in order to give scientific support in the application of the architectonic project. Even more, this doctoral thesis tries to provide some useful tools for the teaching of decision making process in the architectonic project.