Actividades sobre los cráteres de impacto de la Tierra

  1. Pablo Hernández, Miguel Angel de
  2. Molina, Antonio
Investigación y didáctica para las aulas del siglo XXI: experiencias docentes y estrategias de innovación educativa para la enseñanza de la biología y la geología: Actas del I Congreso de docentes de Ciencias de la Naturaleza
  1. González Montero de Espinosa, Marisa (coord.)
  2. Baratas Díaz, Luis Alfredo (coord.)

Publisher: Santillana

ISBN: 978-84-680-0377-1

Year of publication: 2011

Pages: 191-199

Congress: Congreso de docentes de Ciencias de la Naturaleza (1. 2011. null)

Type: Conference paper


This activity is intended for students to glimpse how the natural sciences are related to each other, and how their interaction is necessary to understand the observations. We propose here a sequence of exercises that the teacher could expand or simplify, to adapt to their needs, resources and interests. These exercises, designed to study impact craters on Earth, mixed representation of data on maps and charts, the obtain of physical equations, and the critical analysis of data, with the incentive to explore a very common process in the System Solar (impact cratering), but that never is reflected in the textbooks and that, with proper guidance from the teacher, may serve to introduce concepts, topics and issues related to multiple aspects of the scientific method and the geology.