Enseñar y aprender a diseñar materiales docentes para la enseñanza virtualreflexiones desde la práctica en la Universidad de Alcalá

  1. Cruz Vicente, Omar de la
  2. Olivares Leyva, Mónica
  3. Pagés Arévalo, Carmen
  4. Moreno Ruiz, Francisco Javier
  5. López, Miguel Angel
  6. Ríos de la Llave, Rita Dolores
RED: revista de educación a distancia

ISSN: 1578-7680

Year of publication: 2005

Issue Title: I Simposio Pluridisciplinar sobre Diseño, Evaluación y Descripción de Contenidos Educativos Reutilizables

Issue: 2

Type: Article

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This paper explores some of the difficulties encountered in the design of e-learning materials. The starting point is the teaching experience of a group of tutors in the course "Enseñanza a través de Internet. Diseño instructivo de materiales docentes” held by the University of Alcalá from February to May, 2004 and designed by the Online Teaching Centre of Granada University. The research analyses how students, all professors, assimilated the content which was divided into three modules (instructional design of didactic materials, editing documents in HTML format using Dreamweaver MX and management of the Platform WebCT as teacher-administrator). The research also focuses on the problems found afterward. The main objective is to promote the optimization of the design with a view to the next course. Furthermore, the paper aims to provide elements of analysis in order to use it in other contexts