Funcionamiento hidrogeológico del borde occidental del sistema dunar "Erg Chebbi" entre Hassilabied y Merzouga (Marruecos)

  1. García Rodríguez, Manuel
  2. Moya Palomares, María Eugenia
  3. Pablo Hernández, Miguel Angel de
  4. Vicente Lapuente, Rosa
  5. Acaso Deltell, Eduardo
Tecnología y desarrollo

ISSN: 1696-8085

Year of publication: 2008

Issue: 6

Type: Article

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The erg Chebbi dune system consists of a N-S oriented sand deposit, about 156 km2, located on the southeastern edge of Morocco, on the border with Algeria. The system is a free aquifer. The entry of the water system is limited to direct infiltration of rainwater meanwhile the discharge of the aquifer is produced by evaporation natural drainage in the springs and wells extractions from khettaras. For over ten years the area has experienced an important increase in the tourism, which has led to the creation of hostels and many hotels in the area, near the edge of the dune system, what led to an increased demand for groundwater resources. This study focuses in the hydrogeology in the Hassilabied area, western erg Chebbi, which concentrates most of the hotels in the area.