OPACs en webentre la tradicicón y la innovación.

  1. Moscoso, P.
  2. Ortiz-Repiso, V.
Información, cultura y sociedad

ISSN: 1514-8327 1851-1740

Year of publication: 2002

Issue: 6

Pages: 34-52

Type: Article

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Internet development has driven the implementation of OPACs in thatenvironment. Changes of these new OPACs as referred to catalog structure,management, and maintenance, retrieval systems and user interface are analyzed.The survival of traditional practices in the information structure and organizationavoids them to be considered an innovative tool. The database structure isstudied as well as the traditional principles that govern their elaboration. Effectsof keeping using rules and formats designed for a manual environment, which isabsolutely different from the present day technological environment are analyzed.