Influencers y prácticas de competencia desleal a través de Instagram

  1. Antonio Serrano Acitores
  2. Lucía García Martín
La Ley mercantil

ISSN: 2341-4537

Year of publication: 2019

Issue: 63

Pages: 1

Type: Article

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Nowadays, we are living the first steps of the fourth industrial revolution, characterized by the simultaneous influence of multiple exponential technologies (big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain and the cloud). These achievements have been made possible thanks to the huge development that the Internet has experienced. In fact, since the 1990s, Internet arrived to stay for a long time and, nowadays it offers multiple tools among which we can find the social networks, among which, Instagram. In this work the use of the social network Instagram as a marketing tool will be analized and, in particular, its use by the so-called influencers. Likewise, the practices that the influencers develop in that social network, infringing (or not) the rules on unfair competition, will also be approched.