A new Diplura species from Georgia caves, Plusiocampa (Plusiocampa) imereti (Diplura, Campodeidae), with morphological and molecular data

  1. Sendra, A.
  2. Palero, F.
  3. Sánchez-García, A.
  4. Jiménez-Valverde, A.
  5. Selfa, J.
  6. Maghradze, E.
  7. Barjadze, S.
European Journal of Taxonomy

ISSN: 2118-9773

Year of publication: 2021

Volume: 778

Pages: 71-85

Type: Article

DOI: 10.5852/EJT.2021.778.1567 GOOGLE SCHOLAR lock_openOpen access editor

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