The internationalization gameto cooperate or not to cooperate

  1. Omar de la Cruz Vicente
  2. Fernando Tomé Bermejo
Internationalization and global markets
  1. Budría, Santiago (coord.)
  2. Milgram, Juliette (coord.)

Publisher: Thomson Reuters Aranzadi

ISBN: 978-84-1390-316-3 978-84-1390-314-9

Year of publication: 2021

Type: Book chapter


Game theory can model the phenomenon of internationalization with static and dynamic games, with perfect and imperfect information, conflict situations between companies, between workers and companies. The main objective is to calculate the differences between the equilibrium that results from an individual rationality, constructed from the Nash Equilibrium, and the one that results from a collective way of acting, based on the Pareto solution. The results in some games show a difference between the two conceptions, with incentives to cooperate in order to obtain a higher result than to follow a behavior motivated by individual benefit.