Theses Committees (9)

  1. Secretary of the Committee

    Microbial electrochemical strategies for monitoring and remediating organic pollution in groundwater and sediments 2023

    Universidad de Alcalá

    de Deus Villagra, Andrés

  2. Secretary of the Committee

    Optimization of the electrochemical properties of biochar for the remediation of organic pollutants in soil 2022

    Universidad de Murcia

    Chacón Paco, Francisco Javier

  3. Secretary of the Committee

    Exploring metland technology: treating wastewater by integrating electromicrobiology into nature-based solution 2021

    Universidad de Alcalá

    Prado de Nicolás, Amanda

  4. Secretary of the Committee

    Fouling and biofouling resistant membranes for water treatment processes 2020

    Universidad de Alcalá

    Díez Odriozola, Berta

  5. Secretary of the Committee

    Functional nanostructured materials for technological and biomedical applications 2019

    Universidad de Alcalá

    Amariei, Georgiana

  6. Committee Member

    Biological effects of cerium oxide nanoparticles. Implications at the Bio-Nano interface 2017

    Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

    Pulido Reyes, Gerardo

  7. Committee Member

    Biofouling and Biofilm Fomation in Engineered Surfaces 2017

    Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

    Jalvo Sánchez, Blanca

  8. Secretary of the Committee

    Novel bioelectrochemical approaches for exploring extracellular electron transfer in "Geobacter sulfurreducens" 2016

    Universidad de Alcalá

    Estevez Canales, Marta Rosa

  9. Committee Member

    Application of novel lux-based cyanobacterial bioreporter in environmental toxicity: Accessment of individual and combined toxicity of priority and emerging pollutants 2011

    Universidad Autónoma de Madrid