Departamento: Electrónica

Area: Electronics Technology

Research group: Ingeniería Electrónica aplicada a Espacios Inteligentes y Transporte ; Electronic Engineering Applied to Intelligent Spaces and Transport


Doctor by the Universidad de Alcalá with the thesis Generación y correlación eficiente de códigos binarios derivados de conjuntos de secuencias complementarias para sistemas ultrasónicos 2009. Supervised by Dr. Jesús Ureña Ureña, Dr. Álvaro Hernández Alonso.

EDUCATION: Doctor from the University of Alcalá (UAH), 2009, European doctorate mention. Program with a mention of quality from the Ministry. Outstanding Cum Laude. Extraordinary doctorate award/ Master's Degree in University Teaching, UAH 2012 / Electronic Engineering, UAH 2004. Award to the number 1 of the promotion. / Industrial Technical Engineering. Industrial Electronics Specialty, UAH 2002. Award to No. 1 of the Promotion. TEACHING. 2 teaching five-year terms recognized, periods 08/2014 to 08/2019. Teaching since 2004 under different figures. Participation in 14 teaching innovation projects (7 of them as director). Coordinator of a Teaching Innovation Group with Excellence mention from 03/2011 to 03/2020 and from 2024-nowadays (UAH Award for Teaching Innovation Groups Oct. 2015). DOCENTIA Report 2015-2016 and 2020-2021 calls: Excellent. Recognition award for the excellent evaluation in the teacher evaluation program (2016 and 2022). 27 Publications of a teaching nature in national conferences and magazines. Direction of 19 end-of-degree projects/end-of-degree projects, 4 of them with honors and another with the CSIC "I have a project" award. Direction of 10 master's thesis, 3 with honors. Direction of one doctoral thesis (defense in 2022, outstanding cum laude unanimously). RESEARCH: Recognition of 3 six-year research periods (last period 2017-2022). Participation in 30 research projects, of which 19 belong to the National Plan program, 6 from Com. Autonomous and 6 are with companies. Additionally, direction of 9 research projects, 6 of the UAH's own program, 2 of the Community of Madrid and 1 National RETOS. 38 international journals indexed in JCR, with 18 of them in the first quartile, 14 in the second, 4 in the third and 2 in the last. More than 70 Presentations in international congresses with ISBN, the majority organized by recognized societies (IEEE, etc), of relevance in the work area (IPIN, ETFA, WISP, etc.) and in which a peer review of submitted jobs. 40 presentations in national congresses with ISBN and peer review process. Stays in three European centers: The Active Perception Lab (Antwerp, Belgium):13 weeks, 2007 / University College Cork, dept. of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Cork, Ireland): 19 weeks, 2005 and 2006 / School of Computer Science, University College Dublin, UCD, (Dublin, Ireland): 3 weeks, 2017. Invited researcher at University College Cork (Ireland), course 2022-2023, 11 months (sabbatical year), in the research group led by Dr. Liam Marnane, funded by the modality A of the Program for Senior Teaching and/or Research Staff Stays of the Spanish Ministry of Universities. Collaborator in 4 patents. MANAGEMENT: Member of the TPC of Indoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation (IPIN). Collaboration in the organization of micro-robot contests: TUBOT, EUROBOT. Member of the College of Industrial Technical Engineers of Guadalajara since 2003. Coordinator of the 3rd Degree Electronic Engineering and Communications from July 2014 to July 2022. Electronic Department Secretary from Oct. 2019 to March 2022. AWARDS: First prize in the 11th Ideas Contest for the creation of Technology-Based Companies of the University of Alcalá (2019); University Social Council Award for the University-Society Knowledge Transfer for Environmental Intelligence and Independent Living (2019); 2nd accesit in the Excellence International Campus in "Intelligent Energy" of the University Rey Juan Carlos and University of Alcalá (2018); Prize Excellent Shotgun Presentation, Ultrasonics 2023 with the work: "Preliminary analysis of an Ultrasonic Positioning System for Device-Free Targets"; IEEE Award from the Spanish Instrumentation & Measureme