Departamento: Química Orgánica y Química Inorgánica

Area: Organic Chemistry

Research group: Química Biológica ; Biological Chemistry


Doctor by the Universidad de Alcalá with the thesis Estrategias en el tratamiento de la enfermedad renal crónica nuevos moduladores de PTP 1B e ILK 2020. Supervised by Dr. Juan J. Vaquero López, Dr. Ramón Alajarín Ferrández.

I obtained a degree in Pharmacy from the esteemed Complutense University of Madrid in 2014, where I got the Rafael Fölch Extraordinary Award. During these years, I was awarded witch a research starting grant at the CNIO, in the Medicinal Chemistry Section. During this period, my focus was on the development and synthesis of inhibitors targeting PIM, PI3K, and CDK8. Furthermore, I had the privilege of receiving a Departmental Collaboration Scholarship from the Ministry of Education and Science in the Department of Organic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry. During this period, my research was focused on the synthesis of glycoconjugates thourgh biocatalysis. Following the successful completion of my Master's Degree in Drug Discovery in 2015, I became a member of the Biological Chemistry Group at the UAH. I had the opportunity to undertake my PhD , which was made possible via the financial support of the FPI-UAH programme and subsequently the FPU programme offered by the Ministry of Education. During this time, my efforts were focused on the development of novel allosteric inhibitors targeting PTP1B, as well as the investigation of the protein-protein interaction involving ILK and α-parvin. Furthermore, in the year 2018, I carried ouyt a predoctoral research stay at the Centre for Computational Chemistry located at the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom. During this period, my research was focused on the application of molecular modelling approaches to investigate the mechanism of enzyme inhibition. After the successful completion of my doctorate in Medicinal Chemistry in 2020, during which I received the Extraordinary Doctorate Award and the Paul Ehrlich MedChem Euro-PhD Award, I subsequently joined the Computational Biological Chemistry Group at the Margarita Salas Biological Research Centre (CIB-CSIC). During the initial postdoctoral phase, my research was focused on employing computational approaches to explore novel drugs for fighting COVID-19 and LDH inhibitors. In the year 2022, I joined to the School of Chemistry at the University of Bath in the United Kingdom, thanks to a Margarita Salas Grant. During my tenure, I engaged in research focused on the investigation of oxygenase enzymes and ion channels, employing multiscale computational approaches. Subsequently, I was qualified as assistant professor in the Department of Organic Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry at the UAH. The primary focus of my research lies in the exploration of the interface that exists between chemistry and biology, employing computational methodologies and chemical synthesis as key research approaches. The aim of this research is to design, investigate, and synthesise bioactive molecules in order to get a comprehensive understanding of physiological processes, with a particular focus on the development of new drugs.